Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reference Call Today

Shannon: "Reference desk, may I help you"
Caller: "Hello Ma'am, I am one of Santa's little helpers and I need to write a letter to a 7 year old girl in Chicago, can you please tell me how you spell Claus?
Shannon: "As in Santa Claus sir?"
Caller: "Yes, is it C-L-A-U-S-E?"
Shannon: "No sir, it is C-L-A-U-S"
Caller: "Oh..well thank you I'm glad I called"
Shannon: "It was my pleasure"
Caller: Laughing..."As you can imagine we are pretty busy this time of year"
Shannon: "I'm sure you are, good luck"
Caller: "Thank you and Merry Christmas"
Shannon: "Merry Christmas to you and your boss, goodbye"
Caller: "Goodbye"

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