Monday, November 12, 2007

Food food glorious food

I totally ate nothing but crap all weekend. Ughhh, seriously I didn't make good food decisions.
Yesterday I started the day with chocolate chip cookies then moved on to eggs with toast. Lunch was (gads...) Taco Bell and then more cookies with a cup of tea for dinner. Bad bad bad. I usually do not eat like that.
When I decided to cut meat out of my diet more than a decade ago the first flesh to go was chicken. Not only did the taste make me ill, but my body had been rejecting it for years. After chicken went pork. I still crave bacon and the occasional hot dog (with the works) but haven't missed eating bird. About 10 years ago, I cut out all red meat and in the years since I have rarely been ill and my intestinal health has been great. I do eat fish and eggs and in the last week have cut out milk and other dairy products. I am a cheese addict and am trying alternatives to soft cheese and those made with cow's milk.
So after my binge of crap this weekend, I am thinking of detoxing. I have done so in the past and highly recommend it but am researching a healthier detox regime of juicing. I will blog about my success or failure in the next few weeks.
In my quest to eat organic, I am spending a small fortune at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's trying new products. I like Trader Joe's for their selection of nuts, cheeses and ethnic foods, but absolutely do not buy my produce at their stores (never fresh, always spoils quickly). Other products I avoid from Trader Joe's are the soups (outrageous sodium content) and most of the packaged frozen foods (lots of preservatives and again high sodium). I enjoy browsing through Whole Foods and appreciate the effort that goes into the selection of organic products. Like I have learned at Trader Joe's, you have to read the labels, the food may be certified "organic" but that doesn't mean the food is healthy.
I have a cheat sheet I take with me when shopping for fruits and vegetables that reminds me of which foods should be bought organic due to the pesticides used on produce. I will list them below:

The Dirty Dozen (buy this organic only)
sweet bell peppers

Cleanest 12 (lowest in pesticides)
frozen sweet corn
frozen sweet peas

Another rule I follow, if you can't fit what is on your plate in the palm of your hand, your stomach can't fit it either. Now if I can just remember to follow my own rules on the weekends......

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