Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get going on organic

Friends and colleagues who see me regularly have noticed that I have been slowly switching my diet as well as my home and personal products to healthier organic/green options. Working at the library allows me the huge perk of reading all the new books on organic gardening, cooking, house cleaning, beauty products, etc.
Did you know that over 60% of the products you put on your body are absorbed? During a woman's lifetime, over 30 pounds of ingredients from moisturizers will be absorbed. The body's largest organ is the skin, so if you don't know what is going on your body....don't use it!
Check the ingredient label of your products, what you don't want to find are: aluminum, artifical colors, benzoates, DEA, MEA, formaldehydes, dibutyl phthalate and fragrances (just to name a few).
I have been trying so many new products, I thought I would list some of the ones I recommend. Today's post will be on Burt's Bee's products which can be found at any Walgreen's, Borders or Whole Food's. For more information on their products, packaging and ingredients check out their website at www.burtsbees.com

My favorites:
Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate oil
Lip Shimmer in Fig, (the BEST everyday color, plus great with a liner for the evening)
Citrus and Ginger Root Body Wash
Peppermint Shower Soap
Soothingly Sensitive Aloe & Buttermilk Lotion
Herbal Deodorant (this is a spray not a roll on)

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