Thursday, October 2, 2008

Books for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thanks to an excellent article in the September 1 issue of Library Journal by Bette-Lee Fox, here is a list of books on the topic of breast cancer. Cancer touches us all so during the month of October be aware of the ongoing fight against breast cancer.
With more than 7 women on my mother's side of the family having been diagnosed with breast cancer including my Mom, it's more likely a question of "when" than "if" I will be diagnosed in the future. So in October remind yourself or the women you love that if you are over 40 or with a history of breast cancer in the family, schedule your mammogram. And read!
After the Cure: The Untold Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors by Saskia K. Subramanian and Emily K. Abel.
Cancer is a Bitch (or, I'd Rather Be Having a Midlife Crisis) by Gail Konop Baker.
A Cup of Comfort for Breast Cancer Survivors: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Triumph by Colleen Sell.
Swimming on My Wedding Day: My Cancer Journey Through the Seasons by Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager.
From Oncology Nursing to Coping With Breast Cancer: My Journey There and Back by Kate Hayward.
What Helped Get Me Through: Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom and Hope by the American Cancer Society.
The 10 Best Questions for Surviving Breast Cancer: The Script You Need To Take Control of Your Health by Dede Bonner.
100 Questions & Answers About Breast Cancer by Karl Boatman M.D. and Zora Brown.
100 Questions & Answers About Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer by Lillie Shockney R.N.
Breast Cancer the Complete Guide by Peter I. Pressman M.D. and Yashar Hirshaut M.D.
Black Smoke: A Woman's Journey of Healing, Wild Love, and Transformation in the Amazon by Margaret De Wys.
Unraveling the Ribbon by Maureen White and Mary Kelly.
Don't Bet Against Me! Beating the Odds Against Breast Cancer and in Life by Deanna Favre with Angela Hunt.
Understanding the Mammography and Controversy: Science, Politics and Breast Cancer Screening by Madelon L. Finkel.
I am Not My Breast Cancer: Women Talk Openly About Love and Sex, Hair Loss and Weight Gain, Mothers and Daughters and Being a Women with Breast Cancer by Ruth A. Peltason.


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