Friday, September 30, 2011

Back in Chicago

I know, I's been more than a month since I've posted. And what a month its been.
  • Spain and N. Africa
  • Amazing adventures
  • Rode a camel named Sabrina on the beach in Africa
  • Bargained in the cazbah
  • Shopped in the spice markets
  • Saw churches full of gold
  • Spent a week in the mountains of Spain with no cell phones, limited wi-fi, just lots of laughs and nights drinking under the stars
  • Acted in a Woody Allen play
  • Spent magical nights wandering through small Spanish towns at 3 am
  • Met amazing people and made new friends for life

I left to travel in summer and now it's fall in Chicago, my favorite season of the year. A time for apple picking, antiquing, working on my home remodeling projects, hosting friends for dinner parties, hot tubbing and snuggling in front of the fire watching football.
As the season slows life down, I will blog about my travels.

Enjoy the weekend readers!

Picture of my traveling partner Diana and I on our last night in Spain.