Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cool Jobs For Which I Have No Qualifications

1. Queen of England
2. Artist
3. Opera Singer
4. Astronaut
5. Magazine Editor
6. Train Conductor
7. Oceanographer
8. Magician
9. Ashram Owner
10. Treasure Hunter

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vote for Matumbo Goldberg Today!

Matumbo Goldberg needs your vote! Help the film makers (my friends Miller and Rob)win $10,000 for their next project by voting at the link below.
How to vote?
1. Click here:
2. Click on "Matumbo Goldberg." It's the 3rd one from the right.
3. Click "VOTE" to your right---and it will take you to a page to enter your info.
4. They'll send you an email to confirm you're real--Go to your email and click that email link.
5. Paste back in the ABOVE Matumbo video link above and vote for us.

Success Update for Matumbo Goldberg:
E! Channel: Matumbo was screened and labeled a "genius spoof"of Brangelina on "E! Daily 10" April 3rd
Entertainment Weekly: Matumbo was featured on "The Must List" in the April 4th issue
LA Times: Funny Pages 2.0 pick

FunnyOrDie: Exclusive main page player, 95,000 views and counting
YouTube: Today's Comedy Spotlight, 204,000 views and counting
Break: Featured main page player, 1,195,000 views and counting
Imeem: Today's Featured Video

MATUMBO GOLDBERG, which stars Anthony Anderson (The Departed, Transformers, Law & Order), is about a trendy, none-too-bright couple who adopt an African baby, only to find their new son is a bit older than a toddler. Also starring is J. Robin Miller
(Andy Barker P.I., General Hospital) and Rob Pearlstein, who also wrote and directed. Rob's film "Our Time Is Up" w as nominated for an Academy Award in 2006 for Best Live Action Short Film.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Tunes

So I am a devoted Starbucks customer. I rarely deviate from my regular venti Earl Grey tea with steamed soymilk and no hot water. I also love the free ITunes downloads Starbucks offers each week. Their "Pick of the Week" is an ITunes card you can pick up on the music kiosks which features their artist of the week and includes a code to download a free song by the selected musician. The cards change every week and I have enjoyed some great music by new artists. This past week it was Hilary McRae and the free download is her song Every Day. If you are interested in new music, pick up a card each week (beginning on Tuesdays) at Starbucks and enjoy some great tunes while you sip your coffee or tea.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Flash Back Friday #2

When Michael Jackson performed his song Billie Jean on the Motown 25 Special in 1983, he "moonwalked" across the stage and a dance craze began. After that legendary performance "moonwalking" became something my friends and I tried to do everywhere, on slick basement floors, in the grass fields at school, down the hallways of my junior high and at every school dance. For years after that performance, there was nothing bigger in the world than Michael Jackson. The video Thriller came out weeks later and music videos changed forever, 1983 was Jackson's year.
Here is a clip of the legendary Billie Jean performance. All these years later, I still catch my breath when he slides across the floor. The moves, the sequin socks, the 1 glove...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Must Read Book-I Was There

I just finished a terrific book, I Was There: Gigs That Changed The World by Mark Paytress. This fascinating book is a guide to the greatest live music performances from the 1930's to today. Each selection includes photographs and first hand accounts by those who were there.
Some of my favorites:
Elvis Presley on the Milton Berle Show in 1956
West Side Story on Broadway in 1957
Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli in London on 8 November 1964
Velvet Underground in New York April 1966
Frank Sinatra at the Sands in Las Vegas in 1966
Johnny Cash at Folsom State Prison, 13 January 1968
Isle of Wight Festival in August 1970
Iggy and the Stooges, London on 15 July 1972
The Ramones in London, 4 July 1976
Siouxsie and the Banshees in England, 15 october 1978
Joy Division in England 14 march 1979
Michael Jackson in California 25 March 1983
Prince in London August 1986
The Smiths in Manchester 30 October 1986
Jeff Buckley in New York 19 July 1993
Eminem in New Jersey October 2000
Each page makes you feel as if you were there, don't miss this glimpse into the magic of live performances.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gardening Bliss

The weather here in the Chicago area has been beautiful for the past few days. I spent all day Sunday in my garden cleaning out my raised vegetable beds, pots and containers, cleaning all the patio furniture and starting my herbs and vegetables by seed. The home we bought in 2006 was previously owned by a couple who had transformed the front, back and side yards into English gardens. We completely redid the backyard last year by adding a wrought iron fence (for the beagle), had a large deck built, added sod and paved walkways and replanted many of the perennials. The side yard contains 4 raised beds of which 2 are full of established raspberry bushes (the previous owner made her own jam), the remaining beds I have been cultivating vegetables and herbs.
On Sunday I planted:
Green beans
Cherry tomatoes
Beef tomatoes
Chili peppers
Sweet yellow and red peppers
This year I will stagger what I grow and will start more herbs, eggplant, squash, radishes, carrots and possibly potato next month.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Awesome Idea

So my kid and I are addicted to the British sitcom Rosemary and Thyme, we try and watch one episode almost every evening. The show is silly and campy but combines so many of my favorite things, gorgeous locations around England, gardening and mysteries!
For more information, check out the shows website here:
While we were watching an episode the other night, just as a character was murdered and the music swells my son says, "Mom wouldn't it be cool if theme music played in real life when something happened?" He starts humming a tune from a movie, "Like when the girl you like walks by..." He keeps humming. I thought it was a brilliant idea!
I love movie soundtracks, probably because certain songs remind me of my favorite movie scenes. Like Scarlett O'Hara raising her fist to the sky and proclaiming "I will never be hungry again" while the music rises. Other soundtracks I love, the Harry Potter movies, the Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtrack, the soundtrack from Conan the Barbarian, the 2005 Sense and Sensibility soundtrack and many others.
It got me to thinking what my personal life soundtrack would sound like. Sometimes I think it would be a combination of the "doo du du du doo doo" from "The Wizard of Oz" and the swelling piano solos from "The Piano". Here is one of my favorites:

What are your theme songs?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dodgeball Tournament

So Friday night I played in a dodgeball tournament for charity. Our team was the FIREBALLS and of the 40 teams in the tournament, we made it to the semi finals and the top 12 teams before we were eliminated. The proceeds of the evening went to Journeys from PADS to Hope an organization that "assists the homeless by maintaining PADS sites and providing case management, mental health counseling and vocational services for the homeless." More information on PADS can be located at their website:
The tournament was organized and run by a local group in my area called Project Buzz which can be found online
We had an absolute blast and look forward to playing again next year. With unlimited free beer and pizza included in our team registration fee, it was as much a party as a terrific fundraiser.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Flash Back Friday #1

So I'm going to start a new feature called the Flash Back Friday. Every Friday I will post a new YouTube video of something from years ago, maybe an 80's music video or an old political speech, possibly an episode from a silly sitcom or part of a classic black and white movie.
Today's Flash Back Friday is a classic scene from the 90's television show 90210. This show premiered when I was in college and during my years in the dorms at Ohio University my friends and I would gather around and watch back to back episodes of 90210 and Melrose Place. The drama, the clothes, the love triangles, the Peach Pit...
Here is a clip of my favorite doomed teenage angst couple, the night rich boy Dylan and innocent Brenda got together.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

And just like that...

After 6 years of night and weekend classes I have just completed my last project for grad school. I'm done.


Cost of 2 Cubs Tickets=$100
Cost of Parking=$40
Cost of 2 Beers=$12.50
Cost of 1 Bag of Peanuts=$3.50
Watching the Cubs win 12-3 at Wrigley Field on a warm spring night=PRICELESS

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Go Cubs

I'm heading to my first Cubs game of the season tonight and it's going to be a beautiful warm night for baseball. I enjoy baseball and like anyone who has seen a game at Wrigley Field there is nothing else like it. My sister-in-law Sharon was a devoted Cubs fan until her death in 2005 and I will happily snack on peanuts, drink beer and root for our home team as if she were sitting next to me.
Hopefully this year I will get to a few games a month, I've always been puzzled by the "Cub fans" in the Chicago area who are passionate about the team but don't go to Wrigley Field to watch them play. It's kinda like loving opera and never going to see a performance.
For more information on the Cubs, visit their official site here:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cleansing/Detox Day

So today I am participating in a group cleanse day along with other members of Crazy, Sexy Life.
I am on a juice and raw food diet for the next 1-3 days in order to cleanse my body and rejuvenate my digestive and nervous system.
Here is an idea of what I am consuming:
Water with lemon and cayenne (LOTS of water!)
Green juices
What I am avoiding:
No animal products or cooked food
I've done detox/fasts before and am expecting some of the same results good and bad (leaner and cleaner body but hungry!)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Crazy, Sexy, Cancer DVD

After watching this wonderful DVD again I am buying copies for my loved ones who are currently fighting cancer as well as for those who have fought cancer in the past.
Kris Carr was diagnosed with incurable cancer at 31 and started working on this documentary soon after her diagnosis. Kris explores alternative treatments, meets some amazing women who are also fighting cancer and along the way, falls in love and marries. One of my favorite things about the DVD are the extras including information on meditation, extended talks with doctors, a trip to the "pharmacy" (health food store) with Kris and a demonstration of how to juice.
I read Kris's book last year and have also been a faithful reader of her personal blog. I'm also a member of the social and wellness website Crazy, Sexy, Life.
Kris Carr's blog is here:
Her website with information on the DVD and book are here:
And the Crazy, Sexy, Life website is here:
The tips I am learning from Kris and the "girl posse" are changing my health and well being for the better.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My latest travel must have

So almost as much as a I love to travel, I love to shop for good travel clothes and bags. When I was in Florida last month I found the neatest travel skirt at a shop on Gasparilla Island. The shop didn't have my size so after a little Internet searching I not only found the skirt in my size, but cheaper WITH shipping than in the store.
The skirt is the Royal Robbins Global Traveler Zip N' Travel Skirt. The best part about the skirt is that it is 2 lengths, when you zip of the bottom of the skirt, the bottom converts into the neatest little travel bag. I wore the skirt to work, and my female co-workers and I had fun unzipping the bottom of the skirt and creating the shoulder bag. Royal Robbins has great travel clothes that are easy to pack, wash and wear and can be found here:
I found the skirt at this site:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Just as you are..."

Rainy day here. Raining sideways really. On days like this, I curl up with a glass of tea (or wine), a blanket and Bridget Jones.
One of my favorite scenes:

I hope you are loved "just as you are"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stop the Waste

Are you interested in eliminating 90% of the junk mail you receive? Join GreenDimes and reduce the waste that fills our mailboxes and landfills and in the process, GreenDimes will plant trees to help replenish what is being lost.
Check out their website at:
Join the Bundle service and receive 2 CFL lightbulbs, a reusable shopping bag, a GreenDimes t-shirt and the It's Earth Day children's book. Plus they will plant five trees on your behalf!
A small change can make a BIG impact!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Great Singer from the UK

Duffy singing "Mercy".The first female singer from Wales to have a number one pop single in 25 years.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Soak or Swim?

So this weekend I used a free night at the local Sheraton and 4 water park passes that I had won at a winetasting over the holidays. The Sheraton is the largest hotel in the area and located right next to the Arlington International Racetrack. A year or so ago they added on an enormous indoor water park so I grabbed my kid and a friend of his and off we went. We checked in Saturday night, watched a movie and then went home (the hotel hallways were full of guests who treat their cheap overnight stay at the Sheraton like a week long vacation at Disney World, packing all the fun in one 24 hour period)). We drove back the next morning and my son and his buddy spent about 6 hours in the water park while I hunkered down in the lobby with free WI-Fi to complete my online final. Traveling with my family as often as we did when I was a child, it was all about what hotel we were staying at and how good the pool was. Ah how things change as you get older. I will venture into a nice pool in the Caribbean or the Riviera while traveling, but I won't touch a public pool at a chain hotel. Masses of people, warehouse size building, no windows, chlorine bathtubs, babies in "waterproof" diapers, I happily hunkered down in the non chlorine smelling lobby for the afternoon. The kids at the park seemed to have found their idea of heaven and I'm glad my own kid had such a great time acting like a stunt man on the slides. I grew up on the beaches and in pools and love to swim so I started looking though the library for some books on pools and found a couple with great pictures of the ultimate status symbol for your backyard (minus the cesspool hazards hotel pools are). Don't get me started on public hot tubs...shudder....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ever wonder....

where your little quirks come from? Or if people think you are a little "strange and unusual"?
I've got a few and was wondering where these silly little oddities came from. For example:

* I eat all my left overs cold but never eat left over fish
* Every time I get on an airplane, I kiss my fingers and then the airplane door to give the plane a "kiss" for goodluck
* I like to read the end of a book first so there are no surprises
* I believe in ghosts and know there was one named Bill in my former house
* If I predict something I have to tap my forehead 3 times
* I look for UFOs
* When I was little I wore plastic shoes in the ocean so I didn't have to touch the bottom and thought I was born a mermaid

What are yours? Do you think people love your little oddities or think you're just nuts.
My favorite quirk of my husbands, when someone asks him how many and he says "a couple few".

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I was cleaning out some boxes recently, things that had been in storage for years and found everything I had kept from junior high and high school. Yearbooks, corsages, notes I passed in class, buttons, gymnastic medals, photos...I also found some old magazine covers including a People magazine from the 80's about the death of one of my childhood heroes Samantha Smith. Samantha became famous in 1982 at 10 years old when she wrote a letter to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov asking how to prevent a nuclear war between the US and Russia. Andropov received Samantha's letter and wrote her back, inviting her to come to Russia to see the country and meet the children. Samantha agreed and she went to Russia in the midst of the Cold War. After that she became a celebrity, she wrote a book, became an Ambassador and starred on a television show with Robert Wagner. Samantha was 2 years younger than me and I read all about her adventures and watched her television series Lime Street. When she was killed in a plane crash with her father, she was only 13 years old. The People magazine cover was published after her death and is a picture of her running through a field with her dog. As a child of the 80's, Samantha embodied everything that I remember as good, she was innocent, All-American, smart and interested in how the world was changing around her. 23 years after her death and thanks to the Internet, it's easy to read about Samantha and her lasting legacy at the sites below.
I wish I could have read about her growing up as I was.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What Happens in Vegas....

Ladies night last evening for tapas, sangria and a movie was a perfect way to spend a cold Tuesday night. The fact that the film was better than the last one I saw was great (The Other Boleyn Girl, thumbs down!) We saw "21" with Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey and a very funny guy who played the geeky best friend. The film is based on the book, Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions by Ben Mezrich. I started the book a few years ago, never finished it but might go back and try again now that I have seen the film. Hollywood added some typical fictionalized drama, characters and a love story but it all makes for an entertaining movie. I found an interesting article about the real life woman Kate Bosworth potrays in the film here:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Green Book

In my constant quest to become more environmentally responsible, I have made some small changes in my everyday life thanks to the easy tips in a great book. The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen is full of smart and easy tips to change how much waste we create and energies we consume.
Some of my favorites:
Don't request an ATM receipt, save paper rolls and the trees
Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth
Place a bucket in the shower to catch the cold water when you turn it on. Use this water to water your plants.
Get rid of your answering machine and save energy.
Unplug your appliances when not in use, even when plugged in energy is being wasted.
In my house we have stopped using paper plates, paper cups and plastic utensils. I am slowly weeding out napkins and paper towels too. I also shop with reusable shopping bags and stores like Trader Joes enter you in contests for free groceries each time you use them.
Every small change means BIG results, join in and make a difference!
Check out the website at: