Thursday, May 26, 2011

The "Done" Point That Gets You To "Begin"

So I'm a Libra. Now I've never put much stock in horoscopes, I can read any of them and find similarities to myself but I do tend to lean towards a few of the characteristics of Libra. Such as... social, fair-minded, cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, indecisive, will carry a grudge. Perhaps because the sign of Libra is the scale/balance, indecision is a known trait of a Libra. This is incredibly true of me. I abhor any unfairness and unhappiness as a result of decisions which don't benefit all. Hence indecision. Now this doesn't affect my every day life, but major life decisions I tend to weigh and over think. However once I make a decision, I rarely if ever change my mind and I don't look back. For me things suddenly click, and I am often "done". Done weighing the decision, done talking about it, done fighting the inevitable, just done. Life then balances out and things go back to harmonious, harmony makes for a happy Libra. Perhaps this is why I stayed in a broken marriage when my brain knew it was over. My inner voice wasn't telling me we were done, when the head and the heart don't agree you get a mess. Personally I had to wait for the "done" moment and when it happened and the balance returned, well things happened for the life, new home, new job.

This got me to thinking about resources for the person who wants to alter their life, for the procrastinator or the Libra or the person looking for their harmony. So here are a few suggestions that help me:
  • The Kind Life. This site, started by the actress/vegan/activist Alicia Silverstone inspires me. When you live kindly, to yourself, to animals, to others you find harmony. Life is good.
  • Crazy Sexy Life. A great uplifting lifestyle website. I always find something that gets me thinking, moving or something I react too. CSL is from the same gal who created Crazy Sexy Cancer which is an amazing resource for anyone fighting or supporting someone with disease.
  • Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, by The Prince of Wales. Yes, it's a book by the future King of England who is a major supporter of sustainability.
  • Mars and Venus Starting Over. Yes it's a "self help" book. I think it was the first I ever read. A friend recommended it to me the week I decided I was leaving my marriage. It helped. Great lesson, focus on the love you had, not the loss of it. Believe it or not.
  • The Procrastination Equation. Procrastination costs you time, relationships, money...
So go find your happy place and share it with others.

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