Thursday, November 4, 2010

Unusual Book Titles-Can You Judge a Book by it's Title?

It's that time of the month. Book orders are due. As I flip through publisher catalogs, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal etc. I've discovered some odd book titles. Here are a few:

  • Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders by Peggy Webb.
  • The Corpse Wore Tartan by Kaitlyn Dunnett
  • Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin (This book I ordered, it looks charming)
  • Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder by Chris Cavender
  • Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme by Carole Nelson Douglas
  • Fatally Frosted by Jessica Beck
Oh and then there are the always humorously titled romance books:
  • SOS: Convenient Husband Required by Liz Fielding
  • Practical Widow to Passionate Mistress by Louise Allen
  • Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire by Helen Brooks
  • A Baby for the Flying Doctor by Lucy Clark
  • Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds by Nina Harrington
  • Emergency Doctor and Cinderella by Melanie Milburne
  • Under the Spaniard's Lock and Key by Kim Lawrence
I would love to be the book store owner for the book tours.

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