Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travel Soundtrack

I always travel with music. My iPod touch is the 2nd thing I pack (after my passport of course). Music saves my sanity during long air, train, car and bus trips and somehow manages to set a mood for where ever I am roaming.

During my trip to France I listened to a playlist titled "Rock, Paper, Paris" (after my favorite childhood game). As I was riding the train to Giverny and Reims the music provided the soundtrack as the French countryside passed by.

Here's a glimpse of my playlist: a mix of pop, jazz, French and folk.

Little Lion Man-Mumford and Sons
Perpetuum Mobile-Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours-Charles Trenet
I'm Afraid of Americans-David Bowie
Cosmic Love-Florence and the Machine
La Vie En Rose-Louis Armstrong
Teenage Dream-Katy Perry
Un Jour Comme Un Autre-Brigitte Bardot
The Longer I Run-Peter Bradley Adams
Marilou Sous La Neige-Serge Gainsbourg
Listen-Amos Lee
Don't Give Up-Chicane
Bloodletting-Concrete Blonde
Feeling Good-Nina Simone
Cuts You Up-Peter Murphy
Take My Hand-Dido
Carpe Diem-Aldebert

(Photo is a pic of my travel essentials on the way back to Paris from Champagne...yeah lots of water after all the tastings)

What's on your travel soundtrack?

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