Friday, September 10, 2010

First Night in Paris

It's 9:30 in the evening here in Paris. It's dark and the city is alive with the sounds of a Friday night. I can hear glasses clincking over dinner, a woman's high heels on the cobblestones as she walks by and a baby crying.

Friends and I have rented a 2 bedroom flat in the 2nd arrondissement where we are living in a very non touristy area of the capital. The flat is large and on the 3rd floor with high ceilings and windows over looking a courtyard with views of Paris rooftops. We have thrown the windows open and I can see the sky over the red geraniums in the window boxes. It's really the perfect little Paris home.

My companions have gone to bed and I am enjoying a glass of wine and the sounds of my neighbors. Across the courtyard I can see into a first floor flat where there is a group of people enjoying dinner. As I watch them interact a guest will occasionally stand up and walk around the table, gesturing wildly with his hands while standing over someones shoulder. There are many bottles of wine and empty plates on the table. It appears they are having a lively dinner party.

My neighbors to the left are also enjoying dinner. The men are wearing yarmulkes and there are children around the table in high chairs. They have the TV on and seem to be enjoying a quiet meal on Rosh Hashanah. Somewhere I can still hear a baby crying.

At the market down the street I bought a few bottles of wine including the delicious Cabernet I am drinking right now, the entire bottle was less than 2 euro. Tomorrow morning we will wake up and wander to the local coffee shop for a strong cup of coffee before stopping by the baker for bread and croissants. We will spend the day at the French markets before having a picnic lunch. In the afternoon we will be wandering Pere Lachaise cemetery to visit the final resting places of Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and yes, Jim Morrison.

The baby has finally stopped crying so I am going to try and get some reading done. Bon Soir.

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