Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday 5 List #1

I saw this fun idea on a blog I read regularly. Said blogger occasionally posts a list of rather random items, ideas, names, places...whatever. I thought I would tweak this idea and start a Monday 5 post.

So for my 1st Monday 5, here are the 5 people that I want to have over for dinner. (I've got food on my brain since I am having folks over for dinner tonight).

5 for Dinner:

1. Bill Murray
2. Eminem
3. Bette Davis
4. Abraham Lincoln
5. Dita Von Teese

So, yes 2 of the people on my list are dead. It's my list, my way. Now to figure out what to cook...maybe potluck is best. But I'm thinking beer and pizza with Abraham Lincoln would be an experience. Especially if Dita Von Teese was performing in her giant martini glass. Can you imagine Bill Murray's reaction. Priceless! Oh and Bette Davis wouldn't know what to make of Eminem. Awesome dinner party indeed.

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