Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Stores in Paris

I leave for my "year in the planning-40th birthday celebration-girls trip to Paris" in a little over 2 weeks. 3 of my dearest friends and I are spending 10 days based in Paris with numerous day trips planned to the French countryside. During our wanders through Parisian markets, neighborhoods, Monet's gardens and the Louvre I will be searching for small bookstores where I can hunt for books to add to my personal library. During my first trip to Paris in the 1990's I stumbled across the often tourist filled famous Shakespeare and Company book store on the Left Bank opposite Notre-Dame Cathedral. I bought an old book, mostly for the famous book plate inside but also as a token of the bohemian Latin Quarter. During this trip my book hunting will lean more towards adding to my rare book collection rather than just buying to buy.

Traveling to Paris soon? Here's a short list of Paris bookstores.

And you might find this article interesting: The 9 Most Amazing Bookstores in the World (of which Shakespeare and Company is listed)

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Anonymous said...

I've only been for short breaks, 10 days is a nice time to explore. Enjoy Paris, it's a great city.