Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What You Can't Learn From a Book is Scuba Diving...

I'm thinking the hobby I am beginning tonight might be one of the few things you can't learn completely from a book. I'm starting scuba diving lessons. In typical librarian fashion I immediately searched for appropriate library books on the topic of scuba diving but didn't have much luck. I then thought maybe I could get my hands on a few educational scuba films. Ummmm...not really. Try searching for movies with any scuba diving in them and the results are films like:

Aliens of the Deep-I kid you not...James Cameron movies DO NOT make me want to get in the cold water.

Fools Gold- only thing remotely good about this movie was when it ended. Watching Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson = total and complete loss of brain cells. I have to take another course at Oxford to get my smart back.

Into the Blue- some Jessica Alba film, I think most everyone died in some deep water related disaster with drug dealers. I'll skip it.

The Cave- HA how about a film about sea creatures that eat scuba divers trapped in...wait for it...a cave. Not.

So I'm totally flying blind before my first scuba class and not very happy that I couldn't find a manual or Scuba for Dummies book. But it did get me to thinking, what other hobbies or skills are there that you cannot learn entirely from a book? Here is my list:

1. Scuba Diving
2. Sex

Yes, EVERYTHING else you can learn from a book. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment field.

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