Sunday, May 17, 2009

London and Oxford Day 2 and 3

Our first 2 days in London were spent strolling through the National Galleries, hopping on and off the bus to wander through Kensington, Westminster, Belgravia and other neighborhoods and shopping on Oxford and Regent Streets. Saturday evening we attended an amazing Baroque concert, performed in candlelight at St. Martin in the Fields Church. The music was so moving and the setting so perfect it was truly like being thrown back in time. If I closed my eyes I could picture the music being played in much the same manner to men and women assembled in drawing rooms and ballrooms, dancing and enjoying it as much as I did.
This morning, in rain no less, we took the bus from London to Oxford which is about a 90 minute ride and arrived to a lunch reception and a walking tour of some of the colleges at Oxford (there are 38!). Our room is large with a beautiful view over the rooftops to the English countryside. It's wet here, Oxford is built upon streams and surrounded on 3 sides by rivers so it's damp, bone reaching damp but so lovely with buildings over 700 years old.
We enjoyed a dinner reception this evening and were informed we were students in the 900th year at Oxford. What an honor it is to be here.
Tomorrow the classes begin and in between there are tours, behind the scenes at the oldest English library in the world and lots of things to see. I can't wait.
P.S. Hey Kathy, I'm wearing new Burberry in the picture above! I LOVE shopping in London!

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