Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going Green at the Airport

So in preparation of my flight to London I am trying (I really 'm!) to pack light and to avoid some of the obvious traps travelers fall into at the airport. Have you ever wondered how many water bottles are bought and disposed of in airports? The number has to be mind boggling. In trying to reduce my footprint I am bringing my small Klean Kanteen bottle, the perfect travel size at 5 inches as well as my own snacks in reusable Ziploc bags. (Airplane food is nasty universally acknowledged, so imagine the waste of hundreds of people on an international flight). I am also going to try to avoid purchasing my favorite magazine rags which are so brilliant to read on a long flight but then always end up in the trash. Instead I am packing a few back issues of magazines from the library and of course borrowed books.
I will be arriving in London on Friday morning and will be bringing my laptop to update my blog including pictures and probably some video on to my Facebook page.
Stay in touch, I will be checking email as often as I can.
On to Oxford! I hope I see Harry Potter, you know they based Hogwarts on Oxford and film scenes there for the films.

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