Thursday, December 4, 2008

Author Websites

One of my favorite things to do after immersing myself in a good book is to search the internet for the author's website. A few of my favorite authors have great websites that I have been known to spend many an hour losing time in. I enjoy uncovering new facts about favorite characters, reading the author's inspiration for the story or viewing pictures of real life locations that inspired the fantasy.
Here are a few of my favorite author's websites:
Anne Gracie's website is a gem. The site here is full of great pages for each of her books with collages of pictures and items that inspired her characters and their stories, photographs of the locations where she sets her books and historical information on causes and issues of the historical period.

Elizabeth Boyle is a writer of historical romance and her fun website includes FAQs, her blog, family trees of the fictional families and tidbits on what inspired her to write her stories.

Tom Bullough author of The Claude Glass has a great website here Tom's site is so personal with information on his life, his writings and his passions. I especially enjoy his blog although I wish he would update it more often.

Julia Quinn's website here is full of information on her books, the characters, what she's working on next and includes deleted book scenes and her blog.

One of my favorite authors Anne Rice also has an interesting website which is beautifully designed and loaded with information. Years ago I used to love discovering new things on Rice's site such as pictures of her doll collection or the homes she owned in New Orleans...But since Rice found her religion, I've avoided her website and it's over emphasis on her return to Catholicism. Little creepy... and not in a good way.

Well what ever you are reading, take a look at the author's online home and you'll be delightfully surprised at what you may find.

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