Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas Readers!

I'm putting my Christmas tree up tonight and planning for a festive holiday at home. This year my son and I will not be spending Christmas with my family in Florida, instead we are peacefully snug in our little bungalow with the Beagle and many friends. Currently my house is full of my "kittens", the passel of boys that live in my basement when they are home from college and the military. They curl up on my huge sofa, eat everything in sight, watch movies and play games, sleep where they fall and never leave the house without each other. The boys include my son, plus his Navy buddy who is living with us temporarily, a Big Ten football player home for the holidays, a Marine on leave before he leaves for Afghanistan and an Airman from the Air Force who is home before leaving for Italy. There are also various girlfriends and old friends from high school who wander through my little home. To say that it's boisterous and busy is an understatement.

Even though I am not one to decorate, bake cookies or revel in Christmas silliness, our little tree is brightly lit, our stockings are hanging from the bookcases and we are ready for snow and presents on Christmas morning. I look forward to new traditions with Paul and his family and old traditions like watching my son find the hidden ornament on our Christmas tree.

To my readers, thank you for reading my blog for another year. Wherever you are, however you spend the holidays I wish you a very happy December full of love and laughter.

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