Monday, August 13, 2012

What Was Your Favorite Moment of Olympics 2012?

Like viewers around the world, I was glued to the TV every evening during the past 2 weeks to watch the world's top athletes compete in London.

Years ago when it was announced that London would host the 2012 summer Olympics I planned on attending with my son. We have watched the Olympic games together, summer and winter since he was a little boy and the dream of taking him to London to see the Olympics was a great one. I signed up for internet newsletters and early ticket alerts as soon as the official webpages were created and read the progress of the Olympic village and facilities through the British papers. My son enlisted in the military and spent the summer in bootcamp so our Olympic trip did not happen but I faithfully recorded his favorite events so he can watch them when he returns home.

One of my favorite aspects of the Olympics are the personal stories about the athletes. The interviews with their families, the dramatization of hardships and the inspiring path to their Olympic dreams. This year I noticed more stories about the athletes who were raised by single moms including gymnast Gabby Douglas and superstar swimmer Michael Phelps. There were also the stories of the sacrifices the families of Olympic athletes make to pay for the training and travel that world class athletes require. It takes more than great talent to get to the Olympics and that's what makes the games so inspiring.

Now that the Olympics are over, websites and television are highlighting the "Greatest moments of the Olympics". There were so many. Watching double amputee Oscar Pistorius, "The Blade Runner" run in track and field was incredible. Michael Phelps winning his final Olympic medal was a highlight. The American women win their 3rd gold medal in beach volleyball. The complete disbelief on the face of British runner Mo Farah when he crossed the finish line to take gold twice made me cry every time I saw the replay.

But my favorite moment? When American Ashton Eaton completed what may be the most grueling event in the Olympics, the 2nd day of the decathlon to win gold. After his victory he walked to the stands where his mom, a single mother sat with his girlfriend. As the cameras rolled they embraced, hugging and crying so much you can barely understand what they are saying to each other, what you can hear is Ashton say to his mom, "It's the gold medal Mom" and his mom replies, "You did so good". That was my favorite moment of the of the greatest athletes at the games being told by his mom that he did good. Sometimes that is all a child, no matter who they are, needs to hear.

Watch Ashton win the decathlon and then go to his mom here.


Anonymous said...

Mo Farah for me, a great personal moment in sport. Also the Jamacan 4 x 100 relay, Usain Bolt is on a complete different level to everyone else, amazing athlete and Yohan Blake deserved to go home with gold.

Been an a fantastic two weeks for London, loved every minute of it.

Lively Librarian said...

Mo Farah, Usain Bolt and others were mesmerizing. I am so envious you were there to experience the Olympics.
Will you be posting any drawings you created of the events?