Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The definition of Mother's Day on Wikipedia is "Mother's Day is a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society". For the 19 years I've been a Mom, I've enjoyed the simple celebrations on Mother's Day such as homemade cards, gifts wrapped in cartoon newspaper and flowers. 

This year it was an important day as it is likely the last Mother's Day I will spend with my son for the next few years while he is serving in the Navy. Mother's Day fell on the last day of my vacation so I changed my flight, took the red-eye from Los Angeles and arrived home in Chicago before my son woke up that morning. My son and a friend made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, we watched movies cuddled up on the sofa, took chocolates to Paul's mother and enjoyed dinner at home. It really was a lovely day. The best part...that my son was happy just to be with me. 

Motherhood has been the greatest gift and adventure of my life. When my son leaves on May 31 for his 4 years of active duty I will try and adapt my daily life without him in our home. I will join the millions of parents who have watched their children leave home for college, military service or to begin their adult lives. I will keep breathing and wait for the day he comes home. 

To all the Moms who wake up in the middle of the night when a baby cries, or a toddler has a nightmare or when your teenager isn't home yet...to the Moms who buy Hallmark cards with silly images and wear spaghetti necklaces and earrings from gumball vending machines...to the Moms who find it hard to live without daily talks and texts from their children, I'm with you. And to the Dads that do the same, especially those that are Mother and Father to their children...I'm with you. There just isn't enough time with our children...

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