Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago Blizzard 2011

The City and most of the Midwest has been hit by the biggest snowfall in recent memory. Shops, restaurants, schools, libraries etc have closed as people try to dig themselves out of the snow. Today is a beautiful sunny day and people are taking advantage of the warmer temperatures and sunshine to help each other shovel, push their cars out of snow bluffs and get out of the house before more snow hits.

This morning I had the following conversation with one of my neighbors in the parking lot:

Neighbor as he is smoking a cigar yells to me as I'm digging out my car: "Honey...honey, you get your husband to do that."
My reply, "I don't have a husband."
He points to the Kid, "Then your boyfriend."
Me: "Umm, nope."
He looks confused, "Your brother?"
Me: "No, my Kid and he is shoveling out that gentleman's car."
I point to the elderly man standing in the snow with a walker. "
Neighbor: "Ah, good boy you have there."
I smiled and agreed.

If you are in Chicago or the Midwest, be safe!

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