Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun book by Project Runway's Nina Garcia

First a little tangent on my TV watching and how that relates to this book review.

I can count on 1 hand how many TV shows I watch on a regular basis.
1. Tori and Dean: this train wreck reality show is addicting and mindless, love it!
2. Grey's Anatomy: after years away I returned this season to a guilty pleasure (it's all about McSteamy).
3. True Blood: completely obsessed with this series and cannot wait for season three to start in June.
4. House Hunters International: real estate and travel, perfection!
5. Project Runway: catty, funny and fascinating.

In order to get my fashion fix after this season of Project Runway ended I picked up judge Nina Garcia's book, The One Hundred: A Guide to The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. The book is illustrated with whimsical and beautifully drawn artwork that only adds to the fun of the text. Organized alphabetically Nina's suggestions of the 100 pieces every woman should own begins with A-Line Dress and ends with Zippered Hoodie. She gives suggestions on brands to invest in and alternatives to pricey classics.

Of Nina's suggested 100 items, I own all but the following pieces:

4. Aviators (I'm not into the Top Gun look)
8. Bikini (no, no, no)
15. Caftan (only Mrs. Roper and the girls of Sex and the City can pull this look off)
27. Diamond Studs (a WANT of mine for a long time)
33. Frye Harness Boots (why, I'm not a biker nor am I a model in NY City)
46. Leather Pants (are you kidding me? I do have black suede rocker pants, does that count?)
56. Missoni Knit (pricey)
69. Pucci (someday soon)
92. Vans (not since high school)
95. Wayfarers (I'm not into the Risky Business look)

Of the pieces Nina suggested that I do already own, here are my favorites:

5. Ballet Flat (BEST shoes to travel with)
9. Blackberry (my latest addiction)
11. Blazer (I own at least 6)
12. Boyfriend Cardigan (the perfect item in my closet)
21. Cocktail Ring ( I have many, always the quality jewelry I purchase for myself)
40. Investment Bag (my weakness is for Louis Vuitton and Chanel, they will last forever and never go out of style)
50. L.L Bean Tote (I have at least 3)
67. Plain white tee (I have about a dozen and wear them with everything from jeans to fancy skirts)
71. Quality Champagne (always in my wine fridge)
86. Trench (my Burberry was a splurge during my last trip to London but a classic)
91. Valid Passport (of course)
93. Vintage (always)
96. Wellington Boot (my Hunters from England are incredibly comfortable and make me feel like the Queen walking the fields of Balmoral)

If you are a fan of fashion or maybe just Project Runway, this is a fun book to pick up and would make a great gift for any woman interested in classic clothes and accessories.

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