Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blogs I Love Right Now

I love when I stumble across a fantastic blog. I read each of the blogs listed below as they are updated thanks to the magic of Google Reader. I've included a brief description of each and why I heart them. You might like them too. Happy Reading!

The photographs on The Sartorialist are gorgeous. Real people in real locations. The fashions inspire me and the people make me want to travel, drink red wine and wander the cobbled streets of Paris and Milan.

Over at Poor Girl Eats Well blogger Kimberly is a young, single woman living in California who shares her struggles to eat well on a very tight budget. She's creative, funny and inspiring. I've been broke, like really broke when I was a single 22 year old college drop out with a new baby. I get her desire to eat healthy and keep food on the table but I wasn't half as creative as she is with $25 and a grocery list. I like her moxy.

And then we have Clara at Great Depression Cooking. She's 94 and cooks from the heart. Love her and her great home cooking videos. I think she knows the secrets of life. She's also got a great Facebook page and YouTube channel.

At Sea of Shoes our blogger is a Texas teenager who debuted in Paris last year at a debutant ball. She seems to have an unlimited budget for clothes (how many teen girls do you know who wear Chanel and Prada?) and a passion for fashion. Her photographs are divine and inspire me to think outside the box with clothes and costume jewelry. Oh and her Mom blogs too at Atlantis Home. I want to live in her closet.

And finally my favorite blog of the moment and shockingly by another teenage girl. Clothes, Cameras and Coffee is charming, ethereal and whimsy. Her name is Roz and I don't think she is even old enough to drive. She lives in rural England, recruits her family and friends to take pictures of her dreamy thrift store/family heirloom clothes and jewelry and the locations are drop dead gorgeous. Like Alice in Wonderland meets Jane Austen. Oh and her love of reading inspires her looks. Love watching her grow up through her photographs and rambling writings.

Have a blog recommendation, share it in the comments!

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Rosalind said...

Just stumbled across this, and saw the kind mention of my blog! A big thanks- I love what you wrote about me. Much appreciated..

All the best