Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A couple of days ago my friend Heather posted on Facebook a link to an article about a magazine photograph that has sparked some heated discussions. In a recent issue of Glamour magazine there is a photograph of a model, a very beautiful model who is casually seated and smiling, and naked. Now it's not the naked part that has got people talking...it's her body. Her very natural, healthy body. At this point you need to see the picture and read the article the photo has inspired here.
YA. Pretty. Damn. Amazing. The model's picture is featured in an article titled, What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body and really for an article about one's own body image it's the perfect photo. Now after viewing the photo you might have had one of the following reactions, "Ewwww" or perhaps, "Wow" or even, "Oh my God, why is that picture in that magazine?". Whatever your reaction was is, it's a reaction and that is a Good Thing. If we don't challenge society's force-fed image of what constitutes a beautiful model in a magazine than we don't appreciate the beauty in this very healthy, lovely, comfortable-in-her-own skin young woman. Sure, some people might not be comfortable looking at her stomach rolls, so what, it's more fascinating to realize that this woman, in her nakedness is breaking the "rules" and making people talk about what a real woman looks like, fat and all.

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