Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ALA in Chicago

The American Library Association's Annual Conference is in Chicago this year and begins in a few days. The last time the ALA Conference was in Chicago was in 2005 and I was still working for ALA in the PLA division. It will be interesting to attend my first ALA conference as a non-employee and see how things work as an attendee instead of behind the scenes. I've been using ALA's online event planner to plan the programs I will be attending during the 4 days I will be visiting the conference and so far the event planner is as frustrating to use as it was years ago. It always amazes me in a technological age when an organization doesn't make the technology they use easy to locate on a webpage, easy to use and easy to share.
Regardless, I am anticipating attending a dozen or so programs and visiting the exhibitors area. Another perk of having ALA's conference in Chicago this year is the ability to network with local and national librarians I wouldn't normally see face to face.
If you are planning on attending ALA in Chicago this weekend, let me know, I will be at ALA Friday thru Monday (including walking in the YALSA What To Wear fashion show for librarians on Friday night). You can email me at and I will email you my cell number so we can meet up.

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