Thursday, June 11, 2009

Librarian, counselor, psychologist, teacher

Working in a public library is never a dull job. Libraries have become more than just the traditional building that loans books by evolving into a combination of career center, community center and learning center. The computer classes that I teach are almost always full with even more patrons on the waiting lists and recently we added a weekend class to fill the need. I'm often called to the computer terminals to help patrons who are having problems accessing job search websites or those who don't know how to upload cover letters and resumes.
During my shifts on the reference and information desk I've heard stories that have curled my toes, others that have inspired me and some that have moved me to tears. As I've said before, sometimes being a librarian is a lot like being a bartender. We have to be good listeners because sometimes that's all a person needs.
Check out this great article about the services libraries have embraced.

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